Street Photography in Mumbai

Last Month, I was in Mumbai for a Photography Assignment. I went a day before to do some Street Photography, specially as it’s the day of Ganesh Visarjan and also to meet Kaushal.

In the morning, I roamed around the Crawford Market.

By afternoon, the lazy Sunday morning look of the city turned into a festive mood, the alleys leading to the Chowpatty Beach were resonating with the sound of drums, and there was vermilion colour everywhere. People were dancing, distributing “Ladoos”-



IMG_3178  IMG_3236


I walked with the procession and reached the Chowpatty Beach, by now small Ganesha idols are being immersed in to the sea-


After spending some time there, I headed towards Worli Fishing Village to join Kaushal. It’s amazing how intimate you can get with the people in this village. Both Kaushal and Manu (Thomas) mentioned this as their favorite shooting place in Mumbai.



IMG_3475  IMG_3419


Mumbai is an amazing place for Street Photography, I would absolutely love to go back and shoot again. Here are couple of pictures of Kaushal in the Village-

IMG_3381  IMG_3383